Seal Coating

Like a vehicle needs an oil change, regular maintenance is necessary for a healthy blacktop. When left untreated, asphalt can take damage from vehicle impact, various chemicals, and the elements, leaving a road or driveway that can be unsightly and hazardous to tires and pedestrians.

There’s an easy solution to this issue: sealcoating. American Striping will give you an honest assessment of your driveway condition, followed by several options that fit your budget. Our sealcoating can replenish the binding that deteriorates overtime to weather, aging, and chemicals, providing you with superior protection from natural distresses.

Crack Filling

Solid asphalt maintenance goes beyond just sealcoating. Considerable damage to your asphalt can occur when an excess of water builds up in the cracks and makes its way down to the base and sub-base, weakening it and the surface above. This damage can be even worse in the winter when the water freezes and expands during the freeze-thaw cycles of the season. When combined with sealcoating, our crack filling solutions will ensure long term pavement protection for parking lots, roads, and streets of any size.

Annual crack filling is a simple, cost-effective method of saving property owners from more extensive, expensive repairs later on. Our staff is trained to identify troubled pavement areas and clean the cracks before sealing them to give your property a sharp look and trusted protection against water, oil, and chemical damage.

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